80’s Redux

Here’s a abundant playlist of advance from the 80’s that were either redone/remade or

original advance remixed. All of the advance on actuality are actual recognizable.

The playlist starts with Hyper accomplishing an alarming adaptation of Adam & The Ant’s

classic, aboriginal 80’s tune Ant Music. It’a a actual upbeat and active version, perfect

to set things up for a 80’s themed party.

I afresh arch off to Laidback’s White Horse remixed by Funkstar De Luxe, This track

keeps keeps to the aboriginal complete but it’s altogether remixed and accustomed the extra

“oomph” by Funkstar De Luxe. Funkstar De Luxe did an alarming remix aback in

2000 of Bob Marley’s Sun Is Shining and it was allotment of a remix CD he put out called

Keep On Movin. Other abundant remixes on the anthology Keep On Movin cover Tom

Jone’s She’s A Lady, Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones and Ring My Bell by Anita

Ward. It’s a abundant anthology and absolutely account blockage out if you are at all into


Electric Avenue (21’s Century Mix) by Eddie Grant is an upbeat cyberbanking ball club

stormer. It has thee abounding on beats for the best abode party/club nights out. It’s

several years old as a remix but still sounds beginning today.

Duran Duran’s Girl’s On Film remixed by Salt Tank keeps to the aboriginal clue but

has been adapted with the accepted beats and sounds. It still has the feel of the

original song but has the feel of an continued re-edit. It’s absolutely fun for the 80’s

music lover.

I begin the next clue off a chargeless cd that I accustomed from a annual aback in the late

90’s. It’s a accommodate of Gary Numan’s Cars by Dave Clark. It’s still sounds like the

original tune but continued and the vocals are by I’m bold Dave Clark the

techno artist/DJ.

The next clue on the playlist is Something To Do (Black Strobe Remix) by Depeche

Mode. Of advance anybody knows Depeche Mode and a lot of you apperceive who Black

Strobe are. A abundant French duo who did an alarming clue alleged Me And Madonna a

couple of years back. A dirty, base aural gem that’s abundant to accept to over and

over. Anyway this remix is off the Enjoy The Silence remix individual from 2004. The

track has been accustomed the avant-garde bare down cyberbanking club complete and the track

still hangs assimilate the aboriginal melody of the track. It’s absolutely abundant to accept and

dance to. Of advance Dave Gahan’s vocals are abundant too!

Everyone knows the next clue as it’s actual accepted and has been accountant to many

compilations and featurned in endless films. It’s Soft Cell’s Tainted Adulation remixed

by Soulchild. This adaptation comes from Soft Cell’s greatest hits cd from 2003 and I

assume this adaptation that’s on the CD is an adapt clocking in at just beneath four

minutes but still sounds awesome. The remix basically has fabricated the clue much

more upbeat and energetic. I anticipate it’s absolutely perfection!

OK this next clue is basically a mash-up. It’s demography I Begin To Wonder by Danni

Minogue and mashing it with You Spin Me Round Round by Dead Or Alive called

Begin To Spin Me Round. It’s a astonishing remix and a abundant job whoever did the

work in creating this plan of art. The aboriginal Dannii Minogue song is OK but this

makes the song complete like the 80’s all over afresh acknowledgment to Dead Or Alive’s great


I adulation Buffalo Gals by Malcolm Mclaren and this adapted remix by Roger Sanchez is

also great. It’s upbeat and fun to ball to. I ambition a lot added of Malcolm Mclaren’s

music would get remixed. Like one of my all time admired advance of his is Deep In

Vogue from 1989.

Everyone knows Blue Monday by New Order and Hardfloor did an amazing perfect

remix of that clue aback in 1995 so I absitively to cover that remix up next. It’s a

big exhausted techno attic accompaniment and the remix still sounds alarming afterwards 10 years just

like the aboriginal sounds abundant today.

Culture Club’s Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (TMS-PMS Mix) is addition fresh

sounding update/remix of the archetypal 80’s track. It array of has an electro 80’s sound

as a remix. Fun to ball too!

Rapture (Guru’s Fly Affair Remix) by Blondie has been accustomed the sped up hip-hop

sound. It’s beginning aural and absolute to ball to. Although the remix 12 years old

it’s still sounds abundant and it includes a new rap which complements the remix and

Blondie’s singing.

Up next is one of my admired remakes, an adapted accommodate of Crockett’s Theme by

FPU. It’s absolutely affable to accept to and has that added angry element. It’s definitely

hundred times bigger than the original. Hate to say that to admirers of Jan Hammer but

this is perfection!

This remix of Erasure’s Who Needs Adulation Like That was done in the aboriginal 90’s, I

believe 1991 to accompany with their Pop! Greatest Hits CD. It’s a acceptable amend but still

sounds like the 80’s. I assumption a lot has happened in the apple of cyberbanking music and

remixing and things just complete bigger nowadays against how remixes articulate in the

early 90’s. It’s still a fun track.

The Jason Nevin’s remix of Run DMC’s It’s Like That is a abundant update/remix. It

keeps to the aboriginal complete but afresh giving that added added “oomph”. Nice and

upbeat and a little sped up for the dancefloor!

I end the playlist with a abominable (I can say that because it is) accommodate of Bryan

Adams’s Heaven by DJ Sammy. It’s an overplayed pop/dance clue and it’s fun too.